Galen Xing





My name is Galen (pronounced gallon, like, a Galen of Water).

I’m currently a software engineer @ CZBiohub working with Nir Yosef on generative models for single cell genomics.

I graduated Columbia University with a Dual Degree in CS and Statistics. I’m passionate about machine learning and computational biology.





scvi-tools: a library for deep probabilistic analysis of single-cell omics data
Gayoso A*, Lopez R*, Xing G*, Boyeau P, Wu K, Jayasuriya M, Melhman E, Langevin M, Liu Y, Samaran J, Misrachi G, Nazaret A, Clivio O, Xu C, Ashuach T, Lotfollahi M, Svensson V, Beltrame E, Talavera-Lopez C, Pachter L, Theis F, Streets A, Jordan M, Regier J, Yosef N. (first three authors contributed equally)
bioRxiv, 2021. [Paper]

Parallel Epidemics of Community-Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus USA300 in North and South America
Planet PJ, Diaz L, Kolokotronis SO, Narechania A, Reyes J, Xing G, Rincon S, Smith H, Panesso D, Ryan C, Smith DP, Guzman M, Zurita J, Sebra R, Deikus G, Nolan RL, Tenover FC, Weinstock GM, Robinson DA, Arias CA.
Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2015. [Paper]

Transferable vancomycin resistance in a community-associated MRSA lineage
Rossi F, Diaz L, Wollam A, Panesso D, Zhou Y, Rincon S, Narechania A, Xing G, Di Gioia TS, Doi A, Tran TT, Reyes J, Munita JM, Carvajal LP, Hernandez-Roldan A, Brandão D, van der Heijden IM, Murray BE, Planet PJ, Weinstock GM, Arias CA.
New England Journal of Medicine, 2014. [Paper]


Hit me up if you wanna learn more, collaborate, or grab a beer!
gx2113 (at) columbia (dot) edu